Engineering Systems

As a complete fire protection company, we offer any combination of supression/alarm systems for our customers. Engineered systems are designed to protect valuable equipment and special hazards, including computer rooms, telecommunication centers, data storage centers, fuel depots, paint booths, etc.. Below is a small list of engineered systems that Interstate Fire Systems offers, if your system isn't listed our friendly staff is on hand to answer your questions about any system on the market.

FM200 Systems
This system protects equipment traditionally protected by Halon 1301 which ceased production in January, 1994 by international agreement. The main advantage to FM200 is that it is a clean agent, safe for the environment and is approved for use in occupied areas. There is no associated chemical residue making it the top choice for expensive electronic equipment.

Carbon Dioxide
CO2 systems can be used on many types of fires including ordinary combustibles, most liquid fires, and electrical fires. As with FM200 there is no residue making it safe for electrical equipment when installed properly. CO2 works by displacing oxygen in the air, and cooling the combustible material. CO2 should not be used in heavily occupied areas because of increased risk of suffocation.

Water Mist
Water mist systems work mainly by removing heat and displacing oxygen from combusting materials. Water is released in tiny droplets, appearing much like a dense fog. Since there are no toxic chemicals, and the oxygen displacement is minimal, these systems can be used in occupied areas. There is a risk of water damage, so they should not be used to protect equipment and materials sensitive to moisture.

Industrial Dry Chemical Systems
These systems are commonly used to protect spray booths, flammable liquid storage, dip tanks and other industrial equipment. Dry chemical systems utilize a fine powder either ABC or BC to extinguish the burning material, much like a portable fire extinguisher on a larger scale.